One Summer - Rayne Forrest

A season can change your life.

He was a long, tall fella in black leather
Standin' more than six feet tall…
Just one look she was a bad mess
'Cause that long, cool fella had it all….

Meet Joe Mercer, a retired pilot with a few hidden talents. Tall. Hunky. Smart. Ready for new love in his life. One little problem….and it's not the ex-wife.

Enter Holly Thomas, the professor babe, as Joe calls her. One look in Joe's blue eyes, sparkling with mischief, and she knows he's trouble of sort she's never run across before.

Joe and Holly hit it off instantly, but Holly knows he's keeping secrets. When he doesn't confide in her, she's forced to decide whether or not she wants their relationship to continue. When Joe's cover is blown, Holly knows she should have trusted her heart - and Joe. But will he take her back?

One Summer
ISBN: 1-60186-141-9

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Rayne Forrest

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Pam Champagne said...

Loved your video Rayne.