Truest Treasure by Rayne Forrest

The Curiosity Shoppe II – TRUEST TREASURE

Available now at Aspen Mountain Press

Zebadiah LaCroy is having the strangest day of his life. He just acquired an alien wife from a planet so far away he doesn’t know how she got here. Now he has to get her home to the Bayou without any mishaps.

Easier said than done when your bride is a shapeshifting, telepathic sorceress with a bag full of strange little crystals and a mind of her own.

When Semele goes missing, Zeb must find her or lose his Truest Treasure, one he never expected to hold.

Excerpt – Truest Treasure

The Curiosity Shoppe II – Truest Treasure
ISBN 978-1-60168-029-7

Available now at Aspen Mountain Press

Read how Zeb & Semele met:

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Rayne Forrest
2007 EPPIE Finalist

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