Re-release of THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE (PG excerpt)

THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE--Book Two in the Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Price: $1.49 electronically

Buy Link:
Available electronically at:

Visit to see a trailer of THE ILL-GOTTEN INSURANCE.

Minx’s dead friend turns up alive... but not for long. Will the life insurance have to be paid twice?

An odd string of coincidences leads Minx Tobin to an old friend, Bill Gutierrez. Only Bill died five years ago. Before Minx has a chance to question the man, he turns up dead... again, with a slip of paper in his pocket with her name on it. Whether she likes it or not, Minx is involved in another murder. Will the Case of the Ill-gotten Insurance turn out to be deadly for her as well?

Los Angeles homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris regrets that the fitness trainer who piqued his interest is a murder suspect once again. But at least he has a legitimate reason to see Minx. Maybe he can even convince her to go out with him. And maybe he can prevent L.A.’s newest murderer from adding Minx to his... or her fatality list.

Scene Set-Up:
Homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris surprises Minx Tobin at work in order to discuss official police business.

Minx placed Harris' coffee in front of him and pulled out napkins from the table dispenser. There. She'd done her hostessing duties. Sitting across from him, she reached into her bag and got out her power bar.

"So, Lieutenant, what's up?"

Harris took a sip, then set the cup back down. "I've never been at the Elite Exercise Emporium before. Nice place. Do you think I should take out a membership?"

She blinked back surprise. Surely this wasn't his official business?

Peeling the wrapper off the bar, she replied, "You look buff enough, Lieutenant."

"Is that a compliment?"

She tilted her head at him. "Do you want it to be?"

What was going on here? Were they actually flirting with each other?

As she nibbled on the end of the granola power bar, she studied him. His odd combination of short dark and light grey hair swirled in waves over his head. A dark lock tumbled down over his high forehead. One renegade curl strayed appealingly around the curve of his ear.

He gestured with his large, well-formed hand. "That your lunch?"

"It sure is. Are you hungry? I've got two more bars with me."

He was a man that didn't smile much. With his job in the Los Angeles Police Department, there probably weren't many opportunities for smiles. But when he did let loose and show those pearly whites, despite herself, she seemed to turn into one of those silly adolescent girls she'd disparaged just a minute ago.

Harris not only smiled, but laughed. A deep, hearty, masculine laugh. His laughter attractively crinkled the skin around his eyes. Otherwise, his tanned face was unlined. Prematurely grey, that was what he was. Maybe that trait ran in his family.

"No, thanks. That granola bar looks like Fido's dog food to me."

The laugh and the smile disappeared as quickly as they surfaced. He must've been getting ready to lower the boom. Official police business was rarely good.

She swallowed down a bit of apprehension.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist

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Start Your Valentine's Celebrations Off with a Bang! Excerpt from Beautiful Dreamer

What better way to start your Valentine's celebrations with your special someone than to enjoy a super-hot excerpt together from my erotic-romantic comedy novel, Beautiful Dreamer... Maybe you could act it out?  ;-)

Beautiful Dreamer

Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene, sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues. Amazingly, Marianne hasn't a clue that their rendezvous even happened.

A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't the "love 'em and leave 'em" type he's used to entertaining in bed, and he's worried. Will she make him take a walk down the aisle if he confesses to his part of her fantasies? Can't they just be friends with benefits?

Will Cody be able to tell Marianne the truth about his involvement in her sleepwalking escapades? Will he and Marianne discover beyond their fantasies true love prevails?

Excerpt: Cody realizes Marianne is sleepwalking through her place of work because she acts like she's a damsel in distress and he is a knight in shining armor. But no matter how Cody resists Marianne's  seduction, he finds his match in the normally reserved librarian.

"Marianne, you're tempting me beyond the brink, but you know we can't." Cody took a deep breath, steadying his nerves. Somehow he had to talk her out of this situation without hurting her feelings or losing any more of his clothing. "We have to think about your health and reputation. I don't have anything on me for, uh, you know, protection."

Marianne paused in her litany of kisses upon his neck and brow. She drew back, blinking rapidly as she stared into his serious hazel-green eyes.

"The brave and handsome knight travels without the sheath to his sword?"

He exhaled a painful sigh. "Yes, yes, that's right. I left it along with my white horse back at the castle."

Her eyes narrowed. She reached behind herself and picked up his trousers, plucking his billfold out of the pocket.

"My good lord always carried his sheath in his moneybag just in case." A wicked grin graced her love-swollen lips as she withdrew the forgotten condom from his billfold and waved it inches from his nose. "It appears ye do likewise."

Cody blinked then blinked again. His jaw dropped open to the size of the Palo Duro Canyon. How had that gotten in his wallet? Then it dawned on him. He had picked up a pair of condoms off the ground outside the gymnasium after making his obligatory visit to the senior prom a few weeks back. They were brand-spanking new and in good shape, and he had thought he'd keep them just in case anyone ever needed any for just such an emergency.

"Uh, yeah, it appears I do." He cleared his cracking voice. "It doesn't mean we have to—"

Covering his lips with hers, Marianne silenced any further objections. Her butterfly fingers fluttered across his shoulders and down his sides, coming to a comfortable rest at his tight buns. Caressing him with unrestrained passion, she struggled to remove their remaining barrier.

"Allow me," Cody said, giving up the fight. He rolled his temptress to the side before carefully sliding his shorts down over his rock-hard erection.

Marianne's eyes widened. "My lord has indeed been blessed with a very broad sword."

Her knuckles whitened in their grip around the purple condom wrapper, her small hands trembling ever so slightly.

This has gone far enough. Cody reached out and gently cradled Marianne's delicate face in his big hands and waited for her rapidly shifting focus to settle fully on his face.

"Marianne, it's okay if you want to stop now," he said slowly, deliberately. "I'll understand. I promise."

The sound of tearing plastic echoed throughout the silent library. Her lascivious smile said it all.

"Once the horse has escaped from his stall, it would be a sin not to allow him to gallop forth. Would it not, my lord?"

The look of pure wantonness in her eyes dissolved Cody's last iota of restraint. Marianne cried joyously as he scooped her up and placed her astride him, gently guiding her hands to sheath his member.

He wound his own hands into her thick tresses, bringing her face to meet his in order to partake of a deep and lingering kiss. With exquisite slowness, he eased himself inside her in the most intimate of embraces.

Her tightness enveloped him totally, driving him almost over the edge. Breathing deeply, he struck up a strong and steady rhythm of thrusts. She arched her back and responded with a tantalizing twist of her hips, pulling him deeper into herself and deeper still, seemingly to the depths of her very soul.

They squealed and groaned and bucked and bounced through the sea of cushions, locked in a rollicking dance of desire. His mouth tasted her sweet breasts once again as he stroked her sensitive nub. She cried out in rapturous delight, begging him to come along with her.

A knight can't very well refuse his lady. Cody eagerly obliged his comely companion with a series of hard, quick thrusts. Marianne threw back her head, screaming as the potent eternity of their joining came to its mutual climax. Plunging together over the passion's edge, they drifted calmly back toward earth and collapsed, sated, into each other's arms...

Beautiful Dreamer is available in ebook formats from eXtasy Books, and is also available in Kindle and print at Amazon and other fine ebook retailers.

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THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO, Minx Tobin Murder Mystery Series, Book 1

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Price: $1.49

Buy Link:
Available electronically at:

Visit to see a trailer of THE BLOODSTAINED BISTRO.

Eating at the Bloodstained Bistro can be hazardous to amateur detective Minx Tobin’s health. So why does she continue to dine at this restaurant?

Newly relocated Minx Tobin likes to help her friends. She also has a knack for solving puzzles. A huge puzzle in the form of a dead body soon gets dropped into her lap. Did waitress Brandi Evans murder her ex-boyfriend? Minx doesn’t think so, but can she crack the Case of the Bloodstained Bistro?

Overworked homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris has his fill of women... and dead bodies. The women he can handle. The dead bodies-- unfortunately they keep piling up. But on this particular case he meets a young woman that not only impedes his investigation, but she also has no interest in him. A healthy ego like his can’t handle that. He’ll have to keep an eye on Ms. Minx Tobin.

Scene Set-Up:
On a whim, Homicide lieutenant Gabe Harris offers to take Minx Tobin, a woman involved with a murder suspect, to dinner.

The Tobin woman had been surprised by his offer of dinner, but not as surprised as he was himself. Gabe drove onto Santa Monica Boulevard all the while wondering what the hell he had been thinking.

She'd been right; strictly speaking, about fraternizing with a suspect. He was mixing pleasure with official police business. Dynamite that was guaranteed to explode in his face.

He glanced over at his reluctant passenger. Sitting stiffly in the passenger seat, she held her handbag against her chest as if it were a shield offering protection.

Not that she'd need it against him; she wasn't his type. She was lean and athletic. He preferred his women to be of the buxom variety.

And, come to think of it, he might not be her type either. She seemed to have a preference for Brandi Evans' company.

"Where are we going to eat?" Minx asked, turning her dark eyed gaze on him.

Minx. What a helluva name. She hadn't like it when he used it. Her plump lips had turned down imperceptibly. He'd noticed though. It was his job to be observant.

He stopped at a light and looked over at her again. "I thought since we both seem to gravitate toward Valentin's, we'd go there."

She didn't comment. By the narrowing of her eyes, he could tell she was in a snit. Perhaps he couldn't blame her. She'd just eaten at the bistro last night, although she wasn't aware that he knew that fact.

He parked alongside Valentin's and turned off the engine before noticing the sign on the door proclaiming the bistro to be closed.

"That's strange," he said, more to himself than to the woman.

"It certainly is," she agreed. "I was just here last night. I sure hope it's not closed permanently."

Gabe started up the car again. "Maybe Valentin had an emergency." Whatever was the reason, he'd have to check it out. Later.

So now what? This little tête-à-tête with Minx Tobin was turning out to be a really lousy idea.


Hope you enjoy!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist

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New Release for Tory Richards!


Clint's a mercenary, looking for a little R and R when his cousin begs him to rescue her best friend, and kidnapped victim, Sarah. A piece of cake, right? Until he meets the feisty stubborn female with the killer curves. It doesn't take long before he realizes that he's the one who needs rescuing!

Excerpt -
Tired of her smart mouth, Clint reacted without thinking, spinning around so fast Sarah jumped back with a startled gasp. He reached for her and jerked her up against him until they were suddenly nose to nose. Her eyes widened with alarm, meeting his easily in the darkness.

“You don’t have to worry about whether I’m fucking good or not. I’m very good at everything I do. You’ll want to keep that in mind the next three days. When I tell you to do something, you do it…got it?” They were so close he could feel her warm breath against his face.

Clint couldn’t see her expression, but he could tell by her tone she wasn’t happy. “Who do you think you are, bossing me around like I don’t have a brain in my head?”

“Just in case you still haven’t figured it out, I’m a mercenary. I hire my services out to the biggest purse,” he explained, catching her small gasp before she drew herself up.

“I don’t care what you are. You’re in for a big surprise if you think I’m just going to follow you around like a little puppy and meekly jump at every command.”

“Do you know where you’re going?” he questioned softly.

“No but…”

“Do you know how to get off the island?” he continued in the same tone of voice.

“No but…”

“Then I suggest you let me do my fucking job, lady,” he growled, fighting the urge to shake some sense into her. He knew what he had to do to get them off the island alive, but if she defied him at every turn they were in for a rough three days. Warning bells went off when she suddenly relaxed against him.

“Yes, sir.” Her voice was as soft and sweet as a southern belle.

Clint frowned, wondering what she was up to. Her submissive response had a definite undercurrent of grit and steel, something he would normally admire if the circumstances were different. Not now when so much was at stake. He hoped for her sake she knew the importance of following an order when the time came.

“Do you mind letting go now?” She tried to break away gently, but Clint refused to release her, still trying to figure her out. When she jerked her arms a second time, he tightened his grip even more. Then, without warning, she pulled her leg back and kicked him.

“Ouch!” He released her immediately, reaching down to rub his shin, angry with himself for not seeing it coming. “You little bitch!”

Rubbing her arms Sarah made a sound with her lips warning him to be quiet. “You want them to hear you?” He glared at her in annoyed silence. “Honestly, you’re supposed to be the expert, and here you are making enough racket to wake the dead.” She moved off in the direction they’d been going.

Clint let her go, only because he knew if he put his hands on her now he’d probably strangle her. And he hadn’t gone to all the trouble of rescuing her just to kill her. Damn her, he knew she was going to be trouble. And if that wasn’t bad enough, there was something about her that was having a powerful affect on his libido. Susan owed him big time.

He let out a curse, hearing her movements in front of him. Talk about waking the dead— she was thrashing through the brush like a wounded elephant. He shook his head, his mouth fixed in a grim line as took off after her, wishing fervently that he hadn’t given up smoking. He had a feeling before it was all over she was going to push him back into a lot of his old habits.

* Re-release with new, updated content including an epilogue.

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Re-Visiting LORD DARVER’S MATCH (excerpt PG)


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Time-Travel Regency

Available electronically at and

Price: $4.99

Buy link:

AN INNOCENT WISH--Little did modern day Hillary Logan realize when she made her innocent wish for a happy marriage, that she’d be waking up in bed next to a handsome nobleman--in 1815. Struggling to adjust to Regency England, she teaches the dashing marquess a thing or two about love and “a woman’s place.”

A PLEASANT DIVERSION--Seeking a diversion from the ongoing horrors of the Napoleonic Wares, Simon Altmont, looks forward to a liaison with the attractive woman in his bed. She would make a perfect new mistress! He soon learns just how different his mysterious Mrs. Logan really is. Has the Marquess of Darver finally met his match?

Scene Set-Up:
On assignment in the past, Serenity attends her first “haut ton” ball. As she studies the notorious rake, Nicholas Wycliffe, Lord Brockton, she finds him studying her.

Hillary’s cheeks radiated heat. She knew her face had to be the color of her nightshirt--shocking pink. She was standing there half-naked in front of the most desirable man she’d ever come across--and a stranger to boot.

She fingered the long line of buttons at her bodice. “I wish you’d hurry. I’m uncomfortable enough as it is without you eyeballing me.”

Her frankness surprised her. She shrugged it off as a case of the nerves. Who, in her position, wouldn’t be nervous? Who, in her position, wouldn’t be nervous?

The man unsuccessfully turned his laughter into a cough, and then he gave her that lopsided grin again. “Certainly, my dear. Although I must say I have never heard such a quaint manner of speaking. I find the term ‘eyeballing’ quite expressive, to be sure.”

She tapped her foot. How dare he make fun of her speech when he sounded so... so British!

His eyes gleamed with mischief. “And such unusual night attire. I have never seen the like. Not that you do not look fetching.”

Hillary wanted to strangle him. Through clenched teeth, she commanded, “Hurry up!”

“Impatient, m’dear?” He completed his task and, properly covered by the robe, sauntered over to the door. “May I suggest you take position behind the door? When it comes to females, Finch can be disapproving. He does not understand that women can be necessary at times.”

The man knew he was infuriating. He knew it. Hillary frowned but followed his suggestion. His gaze moved over her bare feet, lower limbs, knees, and partially exposed thighs. She tried to pretend his scrutiny didn’t bother her but if her face got any hotter, she’d scorch her eyebrows.

He chuckled. “By the bye, shall I have a bottle of champagne sent up? To celebrate our good fortune? Or rather, my good fortune.”

She balled her fists. What she wouldn’t give to floor the man. But she was in no position to argue.

Eyeing her combat-ready hands, he raised one eyebrow. “No champagne? Perhaps you do not favor things that are French?”

“If you please.” She spat out the words.

Hi grinned, opened the door, and called out into the corridor. “Finch. Finch, old boy, are you up?”

Hillary heard a shuffling noise down the hallway. The shuffling stopped at the door. “Did you require me, my--”

“My good man,” her bedfellow interrupted. “I have a commission for you this early morn. I have an unexpected companion with me--a charming one, I might add. It seems she has misplaced her husband, Jim.”

He turned to her and used the door as a barrier to hide her from Finch. “Jim what, my dear?” he asked, not bothering to hide his amusement.

His eyes crinkled merriment at her predicament. Damn the man! Hillary concentrated on keeping her voice cool. “Jim Logan,” she said succinctly.

With his back to Finch, her tormentor curved a finger under her chin. “I have been remiss. We have not introduced ourselves. Simon Altmont, at your service.”

She met his gaze and ignored the fluttery sensations that zigzagged down her backbone. Hoping she showed no emotion, she raised her chin. “And I’m Mrs. Logan.”

His hearty laugh shook those massive shoulders. Releasing her chin, he bowed. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, my dear.”

Finch’s shuffle announced that he still waited. Mr. Altmont turned back to him. “I need you to ferret out this Jim Logan--discreetly, of course. If you have no success, then you must find some suitable clothes for Mrs. Logan to wear.”

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, her stomach decided to roar. Even Finch must have heard it.

“Oh, and Finch,” Mr. Altmont drawled, “do bring Mrs. Logan and me some breakfast. We have worked up an appetite!”

Speechless, she stared at him. Had she heard right? How dare he imply....

In that moment, there was nothing Hillary wanted to do more than to murder the man.


Happy Reading!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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