In Deep with the Nanny: The Boss and the Nanny, Book 1

In Deep with the Nanny
by Giselle Renarde
Series: The Boss and the Nanny
Book: 1

By day, she takes care of his kids. By night, she takes care of him. There are millions of reasons Theresa should keep her paws off single father Henry. For starters, he’s older than she is. In case that’s not enough, she’s been nanny to his boys since their mother ran off. Why does something so wrong feel so right?

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Read a spicy EXCERPT from In Deep with the Nanny.
Single dad Henry finds the nanny, Theresa, naked in the pool in the middle of the night.
Here's what happens next... 

Too bad Henry didn’t take his top off more often—he was fit, no question.

Did Theresa really just have that thought? Did she really just think to herself, “Wow, my employer’s got a hot body”? She knew she did, and she couldn’t erase it. You can’t un-think a thought like that.

“What happened to your bathing suit?” he asked. He was looking at her breasts, obviously trying not to, but… yeah, he was pretty much staring at them.

“Sorry. It was in the basement, and that place is scary at night.”

Henry smiled.

“I just wanted some time to myself.”

“Oh. Oh…” He inched toward the edge of the pool. “And here I am, spoiling your fun.”

“No, I didn’t mean it like that.” She hopped through the water, grabbing his wrist.

A spark passed between them, and she knew he’d felt it too by the little noise his throat made.

She held his wrist even tighter, wanting to keep him in the pool despite her shameful nudity. “I just meant that I’m always watching the boys. I felt like going for a swim alone, when I didn’t have to watch them. Don’t you ever need a minute to yourself?”

He laughed and rolled his eyes. “That’s an understatement.”

Theresa didn’t mean to look, but her employer’s pyjama pants were either floating in a really weird way or he had a massive erection. She tried not to stare, but… was that for her? Because she was naked? Oh god, she should feel like pond scum, but instead she felt kind of curious. Kind of proud.

She followed her employer’s gaze to her bobbing breasts. She took his hands in hers and held them, stepping close enough to feel his tip against her belly. His cock had floated out the slit in his pyjama bottoms, and the head was so red and swollen it made her salivate.

Tightening her grip on his hands, Theresa said, “You’re still young, Henry. And you’re handsome, too. You’re really handsome. If you asked a girl out, I’m sure she’d say yes.”

“I don’t have time for dating. It’s work, home, work, home. I’ve got too many obligations. Where would I find the time?”

She squeezed his hands. Hard. “You have to make time for things you want.”

He cocked his head and looked her in the eye. “Has anyone ever told you you’re wise beyond your years?”

Theresa didn’t have time to answer before her lips met his. She wasn’t totally sure whether he’d kissed her or she’d kissed him, but once their tongues were mingling and thrashing it didn’t even matter. This was wrong beyond belief, beyond reason, but if she didn’t give in to the aching throb between her legs she might actually die.

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