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ISBN: 978-1-61160-427-6

Mike Denton knows he’s in big trouble the minute he meets attractive divorcee Emma Stuart. Busy raising a teenage daughter, he doesn’t have time to pursue his own needs until she’s out of high school. That doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy an occasional after noon delight. The only problem is Emma’s not that kind of woman. And her pretty brown eyes and luscious curves lure him into breaking his one hard fast rule of not sleeping with the same woman twice.

Emma thought she was content with her quiet new life down on the lake. That is until a mistake lands the small town’s hunky detective on her door step. As soon as their eyes meet her body responds to his sex appeal in a big way, reminding her she hasn’t had sex in two years. After he leaves she thinks they’ll never see each other again. But what Emma hadn’t counted on was her sister’s match making skills.

Passionate Encounters is the new and improved, highly sexed up version of Cupid's Arrow. Cupid's Arrow was released in 2006 and was on the publisher's best seller's list for two consecutive months.

Mike sat down without resistance. She moved in close, and raised her hand to put the compress she’d made over his eye.

Hell, he thought, a concussion was the least of what he had. He took a long, deep breath, hoping it was enough to calm down his racing heart and his very male reaction to her closeness. Her subtle fragrance reached him on a sensual level, and only added fuel to the fire.

“Me too.” Mike clenched teeth. Didn’t she realize she’d moved between his thighs? When she brushed up against him he released a low groan, and closed his fists to keep from grabbing her.

Sweat broke out on his brow. There was nowhere for him to retreat. He assumed Emma finally realized her mistake when she suddenly reared back with a knowing look in her eyes. She took a breath that sounded like a gasp of pleasure, and he watched her pupils dilate. He knew then and there she was as affected by his nearness as he was hers.

With a weak smile on her trembling lips, she attempted to step back. Just when Mike figured things couldn’t get any worse, her sneaker got caught on a rough edge of uneven ground and she stumbled backwards, her arms flailing wildly as she lost her balance.

It happened so fast there was no time for thought. He moved rapidly and clamped his thighs together, entrapping her between his legs. His actions had dire consequences though. She bumped against a spot most women aimed for when they were being attacked. And he was hard as a rock.

“Oh!” Her pretty eyes grew round, her soft lips parted.

Mike sucked in his breath, but it wasn’t because he was in any pain. He squeezed his eyes shut, and exhaled a groan as lust surged through him like a rocket blasting off for the moon. The feel of Emma’s soft body against his groin produced the kind of rush he hadn’t experienced since high school. Hell, he couldn’t recall the last time he’d experienced it.

Son of a bitch! His hands went to her hips to push her away. But the slight resistance of her body caught him off guard. His gaze zeroed in on hers. For a second her features seemed twisted in desire. Eyes closed, she was panting for breath, nostrils flaring. Then it was gone and he was left wondering if he’d imagined it.

Her smoky eyes opened to him. He threw caution to the wind, and kept her close to his pounding cock. She was soft and pliable beneath his hold, and seemed to sway slightly. The slightest sigh escaped her. The slightest movement of her hips brought her even closer against him.

Sweet Jesus! Her acceptance of the intimate situation sent him over the edge. With a low groan Mike transferred one of his hands to the back of Emma’s head. He grabbed a handful of her ponytail and before he realized what he was doing he pulled her face down toward his.

“Damn, lady, I need a taste.”

He didn’t give her a chance to respond. Besides, she wasn’t showing any sign of resistance so Mike intended to take full advantage. One kiss, that’s all he wanted. A sample to appease his fierce desire for her. At least until they had time for something more satisfying.

He slammed his mouth down on hers. Lust getting the better of him. Mike knew it was madness that gripped him, and that he should stop. Only once he inhaled the sweetness of Emma’s breath, and tasted the warmth of her mouth nothing else mattered.

With a Pdeep moan Emma’s hands fell to his shoulders as though she needed help in staying on her feet. Then she was rubbing against Mike’s cock like a hungry feline, opening her mouth to his searching tongue. Before he knew it the sounds of their passion was drowning out everything else.

If things continued on the course they were heading he was going to embarrass himself and not just in front of her but the whole damn team. He was shaking by the time he found the strength to release her.

She quickly stepped back. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes glittered like polished gem stones. Her mouth was swollen, and her breast rose and fell rapidly with each breath.

Mike could see in her eyes that she was slightly confused. Perhaps even amazed at the hot kiss they’d just shared. And it was obvious she was at a loss for words.

Tory Richards - www.toryrichards.com 

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