New Mystery Series--Book 2: BREAKS AN EGG

BREAKS AN EGG, Book 2 Sedona West Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Available electronically at and
Price: $2.99

Buy link:

In Print: $6.99

Just when she thought she was out, she gets pulled back in!

Sedona West wants to move on from the unfortunate murder of her ex husband, however Jervis still has a trick or two up his dead sleeve. He stole two million dollars--now missing--and the Mob thinks she knows where the money is. Her cabin burglarized and shots fired, she turns to the town’s hunky sheriff and the swoon-worthy celebrity psychologist for support. She’d rather turn to them for romance, but gangsters and thugs, masquerading as tourists, have other ideas. More than anything she needs to put the past behind her and live a normal life, but not yet. Sampling the “candy store” goodies of Harrison and Doug will have to wait. Right now Sedona is worried about staying alive!

Scene Set-Up:
At the town café, Sedona is having breakfast with Harrison Oakdale, who just recently returned to Cozy Haven. While they’re catching up, sheriff Doug Marino interrupts and then joins them. The two men are not eager to share Sedona’s attentions.

Harrison glanced around the Food For Thought Café. Maybe he felt their fellow diners’ gazes. He smoothed a hank of his dark hair off his forehead. “This place gives me the creeps. It’s like a gossip-central, isn’t it? People feasting on the lives of others.”

“Maybe it is a little creepy, but it’s harmless.” Sedona took a sip of water. “So why don’t you tell me about your L.A. trip? How many radio shows did you do?”

While they talked, the server brought them coffee. Harrison dumped sugar in his and Sedona took hers with milk and one sugar. It was while she was stirring hers that she noticed a shadow darkening the table.

She looked up. Omigosh, it was Doug, standing there, looming over the edge of the booth.

He was in his summer uniform, the one with the short sleeves revealing strong bicep muscles on arms lightly sprinkled with dark hair. With his warrior stance, he looked, quite frankly, ready for action.

“Doug!” she squeaked.

“Sheriff.” Harrison rolled his gaze.

Hopefully Doug didn’t notice. “Mind if I join you?” Doug raked his gaze over both of them.

“Ah...” Sedona glanced at Harrison.

“Sure,” he begrudgingly replied.

“Hmmn, who shall I sit next to?” Doug set his cowboy hat on the side peg on their booth, then slid in next to her. “No contest, really.”

His muscled thigh butted up next to her partially bare one. Heat seared through her. She tried to move farther down the booth but honestly, there wasn’t much spare space.

“So what brings you to the Food For Thought Café, Sheriff?” Harrison drummed his fingers on the oak tabletop.

“Breakfast,” was the terse reply.

The server dashed over to take his order of coffee and rye toast, and then just as quickly sprinted away.

“Good service,” Harrison commented. “It’s good to be the sheriff.”

“Sometimes it is,” Doug admitted.

Harrison tapped on his mug. “Sedona and I saw something last night that might be important, Sheriff.”

Sedona winced at the “Sedona and I” part. And so did Doug. His body stiffened.

“On the Cozy Cottage burglary?” Doug then turned to Sedona. “What might that be?”

Oh dear. She could feel waves of red anger emanating off of him.

She took a deep breath. “Last night, Harrison called to let me know he just arrived back at Cozy Haven, so he came over for a cup of tea.”

“Tea?” There was that raised eyebrow again.

“Yeah, damn good tea it was, too.” Harrison grinned at her. “Double Bergamot Earl Grey, wasn’t it, darlin’?” He then dug into his hashbrowns.

Darlin’. She grit her teeth. Had Harrison said that on purpose?

Who was she fooling, of course he had.

“Yep, that’s the tea.” She lifted her own eyebrow, but at Harrison. “Anyway, as I was saying, we were drinking the tea out on the front porch and that’s when a car raced down the road. It didn’t have headlights on so I didn’t see the color or make of it. I’d say it was dark though, that’s all I recall. I thought it was a drunk tourist or a speeding teenager.”

“But maybe the car was heading for Cozy Cottage, for whatever reason,” Harrison added.

Doug nodded. “Maybe. The time?”

“Probably around ten, give or take.” Sedona ate a forkful of her huckleberry pancakes. “Mmm, this is so good.”

“Yeah, it sure is.” Harrison grinned.

She shook her head. How in the world did he make everything seem like a sexual innuendo?

Doug took a bite of his toast. “Thanks for the heads up about the speeding car. It’s possible someone else noticed it. We’ll ask around.” He finished his coffee, then firmly set his mug down. “I’ve got to get back to it.”

“But, Doug, you’ve hardly eaten.”

He slid out of the booth, and then patted at his heavy-duty belt. “I’ve had enough.”


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Hooray! SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES, Book 1 in my new Sedona West Mystery Series is now available.

SLEEPS WITH THE FISHES, Book 1 Sedona West Mystery Series

Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Murder Mystery Romance

Available electronically at and
Price: $2.99

Buy link:

In Print: Coming soon!

About Sedona West:
Recovering from a nasty divorce, Sedona gets more than she bargains for when she moves to the idyllic town of Cozy Haven. Her intention is to piece together her shattered life. But Fate decides to throw major roadblocks in her way. First, the hunky sheriff has his eye on her. Second, a celebrity psychologist tries to get her on his private couch. Third, her disreputable ex husband unexpectedly makes an appearance. And fourth, a Girl-Night party turns into an actual Murder party... with all the guests drugged by sedatives in the wine. Talk about a major hangover! And now, Sedona finds herself under the sheriff’s scrutiny as a possible murder suspect. She had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to kill the deceased so how can she convince everyone that she’s innocent?

Scene Set-Up:
While food shopping, Sedona runs into Doug Marino, Cozy Haven’s sheriff. He asks her to join him for dinner at the adjacent café. Still skittish about dating, she reluctantly agrees.

After seeing Sedona and the sheriff settled in a booth by the back window, Nan handed them menus, and then took a step away. She beamed. “Lovely. Um, I mean Terry will be your server. She’ll bring some water. Just take your time you two. Enjoy!”

Nan scurried away, no doubt to spread the gossip. Sedona couldn’t help but chuckle. Setting her lower arms on the wooden table’s edge, she leaned in toward him. “You do realize Cozy Haven’s gossip mill is going to be working overtime tonight, don’t you?”

A twinkle lit his dark eyes, “You mean linking your name with mine?”

“Exactly.” She admired his unaffected smile. “Your office will be getting a boatload of calls from unhappy women, Sheriff. So you’d better do some damage control and fast!”

He removed his bomber jacket, placed it on the side peg on their booth, and then added his big hat to it. He then gestured to her as if asking if she wanted to remove her blazer.

She shook her head. If anything she was too cool, not too warm.

While the lake scene outside the window might’ve been terrific, the view across from her was even better. She stared at his brown uniform shirt with its star badge, colorful patches and nametag, which read, D. Marino, naturally. Underneath the crisp long-sleeved shirt was an undershirt. Peeking above the edge were a few dark curly chest hairs.

Something stirred inside her. Yep, he was very appealing. Very manly. And it had been way too long since she’d felt any stirring whatsoever.

She took the glass of water from their assigned waitress, Terry Yates, who also happened to be one of Sedona’s creative writing students.

“I’ll be back in a sec to take your order,” Terry said as she rushed off.

Maybe Terry was also part of the gossip hotline?

The sheriff took a drink, set his glass on the oak tabletop with a thud, and caught Sedona’s gaze. He didn’t even blink. “First thing, call me Doug. Second thing, I’m not sure I want to do damage control.” He lifted a bushy eyebrow. “What do you say to that?”

She blinked at him--several times. “Oh. I, ah...” Was he flirting with her? Man oh man she did not want to have to deal with that kind of thing.


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ANGEL FIERCE by Vijaya Schartz
Something’s rotten on the angel planet. When Avenging Angels turn up dead, Urielle, their Legion Commander, suspects the handsome intruder brought unspeakable evil to Azura.

Maksou never met a woman he couldn’t seduce. He came to the forbidden planet to rescue his friends and get rich in the process, but the jungle crawls with lethal life forms… including a gorgeous warrior angel, who saves his life but keeps him prisoner and challenges his irresistible charm.

Urielle, sworn to protect Azura at all costs, has no use for a maverick who ignores the rules and endangers the planet… no matter how attractive. Especially when the Galactic Trade Alliance (GTA) wages a secret war to get their greedy hands on the priceless crystal at Azura’s core.

Set up:
Maksou just escaped from the Byzantium space station in a stolen ship.

The engine noise settled to a low purr. Maksou exhaled his relief then lay back and relaxed in his seat. Safe! He allowed himself a smile. Soon, he would rescue his friends and they would all be rich beyond measure.
A silver-gray blur streaked through his field of vision and landed atop his console.
Maksou’s heart skipped then raced. “Holy Motherboard!”
Two green round eyes stared at him suspiciously from a fluffy mass of gray fur. “Meow!”
“Well, barnacle my circuits! You are frightfully big for a house cat.” The records didn’t mention any giant pet onboard. Maksou couldn’t resist the impulse and caressed the big cat’s head, enjoying the silky feel of the luxurious fur. “What’s your name?”
The cat purred louder under his ministrations.
“Your owner was in the hospital for months, but you look well fed and groomed.” Had Maksou missed some fine print in the deed of the ship? “Who has been taking care of you all this time?”
“I have.” The scantily clad girl, with blond hair rippling down to her waist, smiled as she walked toward him with a loose-hipped stride. “He’s a genetically engineered oversized Maine Coon, bred for companionship and stress release. His name is Comet.”
Shazbits! Passengers? That would complicate things. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
“My name is Eva, and this is my home. Where is my captain?” She had perfect skin, lots of it, perfect nude shoulders and long naked legs... the most beautiful and tantalizing woman he’d ever seen… and he had seen many.
Yet, something familiar in the tone and cadence of the voice struck Maksou and he relaxed.
“You are an AI.” So, it was EVA, not Eva.
“Artificial Intelligence, yes. How can you tell? Most people cannot.” She smiled coyly.
“Let’s say I’m an expert.” Maksou admired the craftsmanship, the subtle body language, the sophisticated subroutines that made her look and probably feel as real as a natural woman. “Your old captain had excellent taste... in AIs, cats, and ships.”
The large cat stopped grooming to stare at Maksou, then resumed his toilette.
“Had?” EVA’s brow went up and her expression perfectly mimicked perplexity.
“Sorry to tell you, but your owner was long past his expiration date and very sick. He recently died in the hospital. This ship now belongs to me, Maksou Grosvenor.” Maksou gave a polite nod and felt silly for showing good manners to an automaton.
“I was not told of this. Why?” EVA’s large blue eyes widened. “How did you become the captain?”
“I bought the ship at the liquidation of the estate.” Maksou struggled to keep calm. He willed his maxillary muscles to relax. Some AIs could detect lies from facial expressions and body temperature.
EVA stared into empty space for a moment. “Verifying official records.”
“They are in order.” Maksou had hacked into the system and falsified the chain of transactions to redistribute the ownership. He’d forged every detail of credit transfer. No one would ever contest the authenticity of the new deed. “I officially own this ship with everything on board. So, I guess you now belong to me as well.”
“The records seem to be in order.” EVA smiled suggestively. “What should I call you, Captain Grosvenor?”
“Just call me Maksou.” He managed to hide his unease. This title of captain sounded weird.
EVA stepped closer and laid a warm hand on his thigh. “All right, Maksou. What can I do to give you pleasure? My old captain and I had a sweet connection.”
Maksou gently lifted her hand off his thigh. “Sorry, EVA. Not interested in that kind of interaction.” Any man would be lucky to use such a gorgeous piece of technology for pleasure, but Maksou wasn’t about to engage in a relationship with a machine... no matter how beautiful and sophisticated. Besides, he could never trust an amalgam of integrated circuits designed by someone else.
EVA pouted prettily and ran a light finger down his chest. “Are you certain? I am specifically programmed to simulate true love and give the most intense pleasure.”
“No, thanks.” Maksou chuckled. Her previous owner had more credits than brains. 

Each book in the series is a complete story, but FYI, here is the first book:

ANGEL MINE by Vijaya Schartz


Vijaya Schartz, author
High Octane sci-fi fantasy romance with a Kick 
amazon  - SmashwordsB&N

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#Bisexual Fiction from Giselle Renarde ~ Pie Girls and the Very Lonely Man

When Butler meets a retro rockabilly pie shop owner, the last thing he expects is that she’ll try to seduce him. No, scratch that. The last thing he expects is for the pie girl’s wife to walk in on them! When the pie girls invite him to stay at their house, a visit to a lonely small town grows into the kind of adventure Butler wouldn’t have dreamed up in his wildest fantasies. Can a lonely man live in a dream?

PIE GIRLS AND THE VERY LONELY MAN is new bisexual fiction from award-winning queer Canadian author Giselle Renarde.

Available now from your favourite ebook retailers, including Smashwords:
Google Play:

Let me tease you with an excerpt:

Who was this girl?

She lifted her skirt and grabbed his hand. He couldn’t see what was going on down there, only feel. And what did he feel? Fishnet stockings. No panties. A smoothly shaven pussy. God Almighty! A slick, wet slit. Did she just walk around like that all day long? Wet and ready?

Or was she turned on by him? Was this all for him?

No. Of course not. He was nothing special. Tracey had told him so when she ended their six-year relationship.

Six years. He hadn’t touched any woman but Tracey in six long years.

Not that they felt long. No, they went by in an instant.

And now they were gone.

She was gone.

But Lindy was here. Lindy, who seemed so warm and compassionate. Everything Tracey wasn’t. Other than bold. Boldness was a quality they shared. Tracey had made the first move, too. They’d have never gotten together otherwise. He’d have never had the courage to hit on someone like Tracey. Dark hair. Model thin. Firm breasts. Long legs.

She always seemed to come so hard. Had she been faking all those times? Was she really so impressed by his sexual prowess?

Well, Lindy sure seemed to be, and he’d barely gotten started. All he’d done so far was rub her juicy clit through those wicked fishnet stockings, and already she was tearing at his fly.

“Put it in me,” she begged. “God, it’s been forever.”

Hard to believe a girl like this, who was willing to get it on with a stranger, was capable of going through a dry patch. You’d think she’d just go up to the nearest guy, remove his dick from his pants, and place it commandingly inside her.

That’s what she seemed intent on doing with Butler.

Except wait—what was that? A noise out front. A key in the lock.

Lindy froze, then backed away.

Butler’s mind went straight to the money pouch she’d left on the counter. “What’s happening?” he panted. “A break-in?”

“Worse,” Lindy said. “It’s my wife.”

Here are those links again so you can buy a copy!
Smashwords: Play:

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Promo: New Romantic Suspense--SIGNATURE OF A QUEEN (excerpt PG)

Hooray! My newest Time-Travel Regency, A DELICATE CONDITION, is now available.


Author: Susanne Marie Knight

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Available electronically at
Price: $3.99
Soon to be available in print at

Buy link:

After a fall down a flight of stairs, Ali struggles to remember who she is and why someone wants her dead.

Ali wakes up with a raging case of amnesia. Her New Hampshire hospital records state she’s Alabaster Kinedulay, age twenty-four, married to a professor who has a son the same age as Ali. She remembers none of that. The only thing she knows for certain is that she’s in danger. Her intuition tells her to run away. And so she does, ending up on the Pacific side of the country. Everyone she meets seems very helpful, but are they really? When she learns she’s a mega rich Regale heiress, more attempts are made on her life. Her heart is in danger, too, from hunky psychiatrist Mack McClanahan. But is he telling the truth? Who can she trust?

Security specialist Mack McClanahan is hired to protect a wealthy client, Alabaster Regale Kinedulay--without her knowledge. Trouble is, she has amnesia and doesn’t remember who she is, that she’s rich, or why she has no recollection of her past. Pretending to be a psychiatrist, he tries to help her while also insuring her safety. It’s a tough job, with a gaggle of suspicious characters hanging around--the inattentive husband, the devious relation and his henchman, the same-age stepson, even the patronizing attorney who hired Mack in the first place. Or is the perpetrator someone else? As he struggles to protect Ali, he breaks the number one rule in his job: never fall in love with the client.

Scene Set-Up:
Suffering from amnesia and distrust of strangers, Ali, goes to pick up her new friend, Matilda Winthrop, at the psychiatrist’s office.

Ringing the doorbell, Ali lifted her face to soak up the warm California sun. She was a million miles away when the door opened.
“Good morning. You must be Ali, Mrs. Winthrop’s new friend.”
Blinded by the sun, Ali blinked her attention to the man with the sexy voice. No prim and proper psychiatrist stood over the threshold, but a tall, well put-together specimen of the male persuasion.
She gulped down surprise. He was dreamy in a Hollywood actor kind of way. Mid-thirties, black-framed eyeglasses, dark brown hair brushed back with a heavy lock falling down on his forehead.
He smiled and extended his large hand.
Surprisingly, the thought of shaking his hand was intimidating. Instead, she gave him the plate of muffins. “Um, yes. That’s me. And these huckleberry muffins are for you, Doctor Daw--”
“Thank you. They smell delicious. Actually, I’m Mack, Mack McClanahan.”
“Oh, I thought--”
“Family emergency,” he said quickly. “I’m subbing for Doctor Dawson.” He gestured for her to come inside. “Mrs. Winthrop’s freshening up.”
Once Ali stepped into the foyer, he raised his voice to carry down the open area to the left. “Mrs. Winthrop, we’ll be out on the terrace.”
A mumbled “okay” came from one of the closed doors down the lobby.
Ali walked with him through the Great Room. From what she could see, the setup of the doctor’s villa was the same as Matilda’s except for the lobby area off the foyer. That must’ve been his office space. He had the same fireplace, compact kitchen, and roomy terrace. Beyond the kitchen was the bedroom or bedrooms. She couldn’t tell how many. Matilda had two.
Now outside, she took in the unobstructed view of the ocean. Wow.
“This is fantastic! So serene.” The sound of waves crashing against the shore seemed to relax every muscle in her body. “No wonder you, I mean Doctor Dawson, works out of his home.”
“It is nice, isn’t it?” He set the plate of muffins on the round table, and then pulled out a cushioned chair. “Please, have a seat. How about something to drink? A brew--” He glanced at his wristwatch. “Er, brewed coffee? Iced tea?”
She pressed her lips together to keep from smiling. She’d stake money he’d been about to suggest a beer. “No thanks, I’m fine.”
“Yes.” He sat across from her. His dark grey eyes almost glowed as he looked at her and his lips curved up slightly as if in appreciation. “Yes, you are.”
Hmmn. Ali sat up straighter. His practiced gallantry was off. Alarm bells rang. She felt like a lamb in the presence of a wolf. Incredibly exposed.
Matilda, hurry up! 
He leaned in closer to her. She could smell his earthy masculine fragrance. “Mrs. Winthrop tells me you’re from the East Coast. From New Hampshire, isn’t it? Are you just visiting or are you planning to move to California?” He glanced at her left hand. “Single?”
She gulped down distress. Sudden perspiration popped up on her forehead. All her senses seemed heightened around him. She had to be on her guard.
Thrusting her hands under the table, she inhaled a ragged breath. “Goodness, so many questions. I do hope you’re not drumming up business, intending to send me a bill for psychoanalysis. I’m on vacation, Doctor McClanahan. Nothing more than that. And as for my marital status, well, it’s none of your business.” There. Fingers crossed that would deflect his interest.
His chuckle was deep and genuine. Appealing dimples showed briefly on his clean-shaven cheeks. “Touché, Ms...?”
She flared her nostrils. “Ali.”
“Ali, then.” His dimples flashed again. “I promise there will be no bill waiting for you after our talk. And please, call me Mack.”
As she had no intention of ever using his first name, she just shrugged.


Happy Reading!

Susanne Marie Knight
Read outside the box: award-winning Romance Writing With A Twist! 

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