BULL (Preorder for Oct 29th)

BULL (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 10) by Cat Johnson

When the going gets tough, the tough go out with a bang…
Spec Op “Bull” Ford is as big as his nickname. His team, the civilians he protects, whether they know it or not, all depend on him. But beneath his stony exterior beats the heart of a caring man—unless he’s crossed.
Between her job as professional harpist and fending off an ex-boyfriend who won’t take the hint, Marly feels like a circus juggler. She doesn’t need some oversized, overzealous security guard accusing her of being a terrorist—as if a five-foot-nothing woman in a ball gown could threaten anyone.
Though when the real terrorists strike, she’s more than grateful to have Bull at her side…or on top, which certainly makes what could be her last breaths memorable.
But after Bull takes the brunt of the explosion, Marly is left with feelings for a man who doesn’t remember who she is. And by the time the red-hot memories come flooding back, the trail to her heart may have gone cold.
Warning: Contains explosive sexual encounters—literally!

“What are you looking for, sweetheart?” The deep voice vibrated through her back and into her. He pulled them both to the wall and flipped on the lights with one elbow. A small, high window interrupted one wall. Reflected in its glass she saw the hulk she’d noticed before.
He spun her around and the hand over her mouth moved and grabbed her chin. She stared up into blue eyes narrowed in anger. He was big. She’d dated men who were six feet tall before, her ex John being one of them. Marly had found tall guys tended to like petite women, she didn’t know why. Maybe it made them feel even bigger. Who knew? But this guy—he was well over six feet tall. He was broad too, and from the feel of him it wasn’t fat. He was solid muscle. If he didn’t seem to want to crush her with his bare hands, she’d say he was attractive. She was having trouble getting past the murderous expression though. It kind of took away from her admiration of his overall physical appearance.
“I asked you a question.” He shook her, his hands clamped tightly around her upper arms.
“I came to get my bag.” What the hell was going on? Did he think she’d come to assassinate whomever he was protecting? It was easy enough to prove she hadn’t. There was nothing more dangerous in her bag than her tuning key. She could maybe jab the point of that in somebody’s eye, but that’s about it.
His gaze moved to her bag on the floor. “Really. Why don’t we see what you’ve got in there?”
He tucked her under one arm and half dragged, half carried her toward the bag. Her feet hardly touched the floor along the way. With his one free hand, he dumped the contents of the bag onto the canvas harp cover.
She hissed as she watched her brand new forty-dollar electronic tuner spill out onto the floor. “Careful.”
His eyes opened wide and he drew in a sharp breath of his own. “I bet you want me to be careful. Shit. Matt, I think I’ve found the detonator.”
“Matt?” What the hell was he talking about? Marly shook her head. “My name’s not Matt.”
There was a good chance she was being held in a closet by a madman, and all she could think about was if her new tuner was broken. When she got out of this mess, she was seriously going to reevaluate her priorities. She reached for the device to make sure it was all right, but he didn’t let her even get close to it. The brute grabbed her wrist hard enough he would probably leave a bruise.
Her heart beat faster. She was in real danger here. But the bruiser had made one mistake. He’d uncovered her mouth. She intended on taking full advantage of that. She pulled in a lungful of air and got ready to scream.
He slapped a hand over her mouth, harder than he had the first time. He was so big he covered the entire lower half of her face with one hand. He squeezed her mid-section with his other arm until all the air she had taken in came out of her nose and mouth in a whoosh between his fingers.
“I don’t like screaming. Don’t try that again.” The growl in his voice sent her pulse speeding.
Always nice to know your killer’s preferences. She sincerely hoped she wouldn’t offend him if she screamed while he murdered her. Marly became aware of his impressively large appendage pressing into her lower back. Maybe murder wasn’t what he had in mind.
She made a sound in her throat and pulled her pelvis as far away from him as she could get.
He chuckled, not an encouraging sound. “Don’t flatter yourself, sweetheart. It’s from the adrenaline. I get a hard-on when I kill people too…or even when I diffuse bombs.”
He said the last word with too much emphasis. She was going to end up blown to bits by this crazy man who got sexually excited by killing people, and he was probably going to rape her first.
Black spots appeared on the edge of her vision. Her last thought was it was better to be unconscious for whatever was about to happen.
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