A Perfect Fit

Released 1/5/13 on Amazon

Marissa Lambert is furious with her agent for hiring a security agency to protect her. The last thing she needs is some Texas cowboy following her around, and telling her what to do. Just because two plus-sized models have turned up dead in a month doesn’t mean she’s at risk. And besides, she can take care of herself. 

Beau Evans owns and operates Evans Security, and he’s the unlucky one who gets to babysit the beautiful Marissa. The moment he watches her strut her stuff down the runway, in a revealing corset that hugs her generous assets, he gets an itch that doesn’t go away. Their first encounter ends with an angry exchange and a battle of strong wills, but once they succumb to the lust in their blood there’s no turning back.

“Miss Lambert?” Another knock sounded. There was obvious concern and panic in the speaker’s tone.

Beau kept his burning gaze on her, and reached blindly for the doorknob. He opened it a tad. “Miss Lambert is okay.” He closed the door without looking at the person on the other side.

Handsome stud or not, Marissa decided to get right to the point. “Nothing against you, but you’re fired.” She tried to ignore the tiny scar at the corner of his sensual mouth.

“I don’t work for you. You can’t fire me.” He cocked a brow. “Even if you can take care of yourself.” His sexy drawl clearly said he didn’t think so.

Marissa pressed her lips together. “You caught me by surprise.” All of him caught her by surprise. He had the whole package right down to his muddy cowboy boots. He was a true Texan, and nothing close to her unflattering description to Kirk.

He laughed. “You think the killer is going to announce himself?”

Damn him! “Well, maybe I can’t fire you, but after what you just did, I can call your boss and demand another bodyguard.” Marissa slapped her hands on her full hips.

Why is he laughing again?

“My brothers and I own Evan’s Security and I’m afraid they’re all on assignments right now.”

Good God, there was more like him?

“I’m afraid I’m stuck with you.”

Marissa was preoccupied with the way his sensuous mouth formed the words, until what he said reached her on a conscious level. He was stuck with her? Her gaze returned to his. There was amusement swimming in his chocolate eyes. Rich, decadent chocolate that she could drown in if she wasn’t careful. Her lips twitched in response. She liked a man with a sense of humor, even directed at her.

Beau Evans was a big, well-proportioned man, and the way he filled out a pair of jeans revealed his powerful, muscular thighs. Marissa couldn’t help her wandering gaze as it moved down his body, then back up again. She gauged his height to be somewhere around six feet five. Not too many men made her feel small, but this one did.

“So, where’s the hat, cowboy?”

“In my truck.”

It figured he’d have a truck. Didn’t all macho Texans?

“What did you mean earlier when you said, ‘I have a lot to learn?’”

“I’ll show you after you put some clothes on.”

After years of modeling, Marissa was used to being in various states of undress around people. It came with the business, and she was very comfortable in her own skin. The minute she’d entered her dressing room she’d kicked off her heels and removed the sheer thigh length shirt.

“I am wearing clothes.”

If eyes could strip, she’d be naked right now. “If you insist, ma’am.”

His gaze dropped to her breasts, which Marissa knew were all but spilling out of the tight corset. Then she remembered the hard-on pressed against her during their struggles. Had she known then what she knew now, she might have had a little fun with him. The thought of his dick sliding into her cock-starved pussy caused her nipples to tighten into painful peaks of arousal. Then incredibly, her clit began to tingle.

Damn! This was new. She’d never reacted sexually to a man this fast before, and especially to a stranger. But looking at Beau, Marissa knew immediately that he was different. Instant attraction? She shrugged inwardly. It was possible. Or so her sister insisted. Dani had met and married Rob after only knowing him a week. And they’d been together eight years and three kids now.

By the time Beau met her eyes there was a warm lazy look in his that told Marissa he liked what he was looking at, too. A lot. A fact backed up by the still present bulge behind his zipper. The fact that he wanted her fueled her desire out of bounds. It also gave her a naughty idea. How strong was this Texan’s will power? It was crazy, but she suddenly had the overwhelming urge to test him.

“Well, before I can get dressed, I have to undress.” Normally Marissa would have called for an assistant. She sashayed up to Beau. “I need help, cowboy. Can you please unlace me so I can get out of this thing?” She presented her back to him, then lifted her hair out of the way and waited, holding her breath. She had to admit, the thought of his eyes roaming over her body made her hot.

There was the slightest of hesitations before she heard his low drawl, “Yes ma’am.”

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