New Release! Wedding Heat: MILF of the Groom

It feels like just yesterday that Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin hit the mercado, and already it's release day for the 5th Wedding Heat story, MILF of the Groom.

We all know what MILFs are, right? (Moms I'd Like to F*ck?)  Well, the beautiful older woman in this story happens to be the mother of Ed the groom.  She's had the label "MILF of the Groom" affixed to her by seemingly everyone attending her son's wedding weekend.

And that's not all they've been saying about Ellora.

We first heard mention of Ellora in the third story, Wedding Heat: Skinny Dipping, when Greg told Joey the family rumour that she was sleeping with her own son.  Ellora takes the reins in MILF of the Groom to set the record straight, but she's got other issues on top of dealing with the awful things her own family is saying about her.

Ellora's in tears when she bumps into Russ, her son's ruggedly handsome business partner and fellow contractor.  Russ has the body of a jock, but he's also got a wide-open heart and he's very protective of Ellora.  He wants what's best for her... especially if that means spectacular sex at the wedding resort!

Even in the low light of the library, Ellora could see the scarlet blush rising up Russ’s neck, ascending all the way to his forehead. 

“You’re a very attractive lady,” he said.  “Veryattractive.  I wouldn’t be lying if I said you were the most beautiful woman here.  I think your family’s jealous of more than just your money, Mrs. Milton.”

“Ellora,” she insisted, gazing up at him, finding at once softness and sheer lust in his eyes.

“Ellora,” he said, his breath rumbling like a grizzly’s growl.

The heat between them might have singed the eyebrows off a weaker woman, but Ellora wore their shared lust like a jewel.  “You’ve been so kind,” she said.


She didn’t give him time to finish, launching herself at his lips, kissing him hard while his fingers felt their way up her side.  Her dress was a flimsy thing, though heavy with shimmering beads, and his fingertips soon met bare skin, searing it like a hot pan.

Russ broke away.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” he whimpered like a loyal mutt.

But Ellora was already reaching around, unfastening her bra before letting the strap of her dress slip down her shoulder, slide down her arm.  “Oh Russ, darling, I rather think we should.”

His hot gaze followed a trail of naked skin left in the wake of her tumbling dress.  When her breasts were bare, he stared at them, transfixed, and that wolfish lust in his eyes gave her cause to grin zealously.  She took hold of his big hand and moved it to her breast, pressing it, making him squeeze.

The heat of his skin against her sensitive nipple ramped up Ellora’s wild desire.  She moaned softly, and he responded in kind, sliding down the couch and landing on the floor in front of her.  Like a desperate beast, Russ pulled her into his grip and sucked her nipple so hard she hissed at the sensation.

“Careful, careful,” she warned, pressing on his forehead, shifting him to the other breast.  “Too much too soon, sweety.”

He looked up at her with worry in his dark eyes.  “I’m sorry, Mrs. Milton. Did I hurt you?”

She smiled, trying not to laugh.  “Will you please call me Ellora?” 

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