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Good morning everyone! I'd like to share a hot excerpt from Breathless Surrender, my second Quickie with Ellora's Cave.

"Please let me go."

"I can't do that." She gasped sharply when he tweaked her nipple,
then lapped at it as if it were a sweet sucker before returning his
mouth to her ear. "You know you want this too. You've been wondering
what it would be like with me." His teeth tugged at her ear. He prayed
she showed some common sense.

"I… What?"

Reid tore off the rag covering her eyes and their gazes met—his
brown to her blue. Her eyes widened and she blinked several times,
probably to focus her gaze. "I don't know what kind of game—"

He let his hands smooth down the backs of her thighs and said in a low
tone, "This isn't a game, Alexis. I promise I'll explain as soon
as I can. But for now I need you to trust me." If he couldn't get
his meaning across they were in trouble. Their gazes remained locked.
Reid could almost see the wheels turning inside her head. She was
weighing his words, making an obvious effort to understand him. "I want
you to act like you're afraid."

"I am afraid," she whispered.

"No, I mean like you were, before you knew it was me."

"I don't—"

Faced with the prospect of six months of hard work going down the drain,
Reid decided to force the issue. He kissed Alexis roughly, caressing her
exposed breast and running his thumb over the taut crown. She stiffened
and tried to pull away. Good. He knew Juan, in his sick, twisted mind,
expected to see resistance and action. Less talk. Reid tangled his
fingers into her hair to hold her head still, forcing his tongue inside
her mouth. She promptly bit down on his bottom lip.

Shit! Reid pulled away, fingering the wound. They were both breathing
heavily, though for different reasons. The fear he expected to see in
Alexis' eyes was overshadowed by her growing anger, which only
fueled his. "We only get one chance at this little show, baby." He drew
her nipple into his mouth and sucked it while touching her in places
that kept his cock rock hard. "We better make it count."

Reid could see the change come over her face the second he pulled away.
He could see it in the sudden clarity of her eyes. Either she finally
understood what he wanted of her or she was desperate and grasping the
only lifeline she'd been offered since her nightmare began that
morning. He kissed his way along her jaw to her ear. "I'm going to
fuck you, Alexis." He whispered the words.

She caught her breath. Reid brushed the hair behind her delicate ear,
inhaling a subtle fragrance that teased his senses further into
overdrive. Holding her gaze, he removed the knife he carried in his
pocket. Her eyes widened with fear, but before she had a chance to react
he reached up and cut the rope above her wrists. As she fell, he caught
her against him. Then he gathered her into his arms and headed straight
for the bed. He dumped her onto the thin mattress and stood above her,
eating her up with his eyes. Giving her time to run her gaze over him to
confirm for herself that he wasn't kidding.

Reid damn near lost control when her eyes reached his hard-on and
lingered. His cock throbbed and he damned himself for the raw lust
coursing through his veins. Maybe he was a little more like Juan than he

There was no disguising the fact that Alexis was frightened. But there
was something else in her eyes too, a kind of excitement, perhaps an
acceptance of things to come. Maybe her instinct to survive had kicked
in and she figured she'd do whatever it took to stay alive. Even if
it meant giving herself to a man she didn't know other than a polite
acknowledgement when they passed in the hallway.

Aware time was slipping by, Reid pulled his tee shirt over his head and
reached for the snap to his jeans. He hesitated only a second when her
eyes flared, then kicked off his shoes. Before long his jeans were
joining his shirt on the floor. A whimper escaped her but nothing else.
Reid couldn't tell if it was a sound of fear or pleasure. He decided
to leave his briefs on, lowering his body until he covered her. The
second his raging cock came in proximity to her pussy it strained and
pushed in a demand to be released.

A grunt escaped him before he could stop it and Reid ground his hard
flesh between Alexis' thighs. She cried out and she pushed against
his shoulders. He slapped his mouth down on hers, easily forcing his
chest down against her breasts. When her hands came up, her long nails
scraping the flesh at his sides, he took hold of her wrists and pinned
them to the bed above her head.

Tory Richards

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