Taken By Moonlight by Dorothy McFalls

Regency parties and werewolves and moonlight... Oh, my!
Take an erotic adventure with my newest short romance.
Taken By Moonlight
Dorothy McFalls
Cobblestone Press

Bored of society's ballrooms and events, Lady Amelia wants more from life. But not to be kidnapped! A rogue with a wildness that both frightens and excites her steals her away from the only family she's ever known and tosses her into a world of werewolves and danger.

Dimitri, a lone wolf who plays by his own rules, agreed to capture Lia and bring her back to his former wolf pack. According to his sister, Lia is the pack's last hope for survival. But once Dimitri has her, will he be able to let this beguiling she-wolf go?


His lips, warm and powerful, moved against hers, caressing, guiding. The kiss was everything Lia had imagined it would be and so much more. He cupped the nape of her neck, pulling her closer. If anything, the touch of his lips reached all the way through to her heart. Her head tingled with pleasure.

When he nudged her legs apart, she complied even as he pressed her up against a moss-covered garden wall until the entire length of his body conformed to hers. Through the layers of their clothing, she could feel the heat and hardness of him.

“Open your mouth, cub.” She parted her lips slightly, allowing his tongue entrance. His spicy flavor, one Lia had never tasted but instantly craved, burned on her tongue.

When he stepped back from her, she weaved on legs that had turned to water. “Oh my,” she managed to gasp as she struggled to catch her breath. She’d been kissed before but never so skillfully, never so thoroughly.

His was a kiss that awakened her senses. Unlike any she’d ever experienced, this one felt like a prelude for something more. Something she’d heard the maids whisper about, but she’d never quite understood. Something she now wanted more fiercely than anything she’d ever wanted in her life, which was shocking enough.

Propriety demanded she should slap him. But his strong, warm hands caressed her cheeks, her neck, and then closed around her arms.

La, who was she kidding? She wouldn’t have slapped him even if she could. She should tell him—

For the first time in her life, she stopped herself mid-thought and pressed her eager body to his. His hard bands of muscle felt like stone.

His strength should have worried her. After all, he had led her away from the house like a wolf would separate a lamb from the flock. She should be trembling. She was trembling, but not from fear. She felt safe in his embrace. This was where she belonged.

If he hadn’t been holding her arms so tightly against her sides, she would have twined her fingers behind his neck and…

Just a parting taste, she told herself. She might never get the chance again. He’d stepped too far over the line by leading her away from the ball and her aunt’s watchful eye. He’d never be allowed this close to her again. And if that were the case, what would be the harm?

She rose up onto her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his.

He jerked back with surprise. But a heartbeat later, his lips were devouring hers a second time. With the same commanding self-assurance that had at first piqued her ire, he returned her kiss. She was beginning to enjoy his habit of taking charge.

She felt him not only on her lips. His kisses were sinfully intimate, spiraling through her body, reaching all the way down to her curling toes. A heat gathered between her legs and lapped at her belly. He fed erotic flames sparking deep inside her, flames only his touch could extinguish.

As if sensing her growing need, he skimmed his gloved fingers down her arms and encircled her waist. He caressed her through the thin fabric of her gown, discovering places that made her squirm with delight. He then cupped her breast. His possessive heat branded her even through the layers of her muslin and cotton. He gently squeezed, awakening a need deep in her womb.

She arched her back toward him, savoring the warm shivers his touch created. Sensations built everywhere at once. She shifted her hips against his hardness.

“Amelia… Amelia, my lovely cub, you strain my control,” he groaned into her mouth. He sounded pained. His roving hand moved lower, closer to the heat building between her legs. Inch by delicious inch he eased her skirt up, his hand on her bare thigh, moving higher, higher. Lia’s breaths came in short pants now. Her eyes rolled closed as she lost herself in his embrace.

But he pulled away before he found the center of her wanton heat. Like a promise unfulfilled, he left her wanting him. She cried out her frustration and bit his bottom lip.

This was stepping over a line every lady knew to avoid. But this was exactly what she wanted. She wanted to be touched. By him. And only him. And heavens, he started touching her again, caressing her thighs, caressing her breasts. With a curse, he shed his gloves and worked the bodice of her gown open. He slipped its fabric from her shoulders and smiled as the light blue muslin dropped to around her waist. Making silent promises with his kisses, he eased a breast from the confines of her corset and the cotton chemise underneath. With deft fingers, he pinched and rolled her nipple until it tightened into a taut bud of pleasure.

He then took her breast into his mouth and made her a part of him, and he became a part of her. As he suckled her, frustrated tears filled her eyes. She pressed her hips more tightly to his body.

She wanted…

She wanted…

More. Much more.

This time when he pulled away, her bruised and swollen lips and breasts—her entire body—throbbed with an indefinable need that begged to be answered. She clung to him, not willing to let him go. She wanted his kisses and whatever else he could give her.

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