Turn on to an Easy Contest

I'm lucky to be a well traveled author who couldn't live without a tote on my shoulder. We have such a bag, sporting the beautiful TEDDI TURNS ON cover, for you to win in an easy contest. Second and Third Prize winners get a great Goodie Bag.

This contest runs September 7 until October 6. Winners will be announced October 7!

To play, go to my website. Under the contest section find Questions to the Trivia, but to make it even easier here they are:

1. What does Sloane Taylor’s disclaimer read?

2. What is the heroine's name in TEDDI TURNS ON?

3. Who are Sloane Taylor’s publishers?

4. What is the featured recipe for August 2008?

5. What is Sloane Taylor’s first Travel tip?

Go to www.sloanetaylor.com for all the answers.

Email your answers to phoenix@phoenixrisingpromotions.com, with TEDDI in the subject line, where you will be entered into a drawing for the fabulous tote.

Happy searching!

Sloane Taylor
Sweet as Honey...Hotter than Hell
TEDDI TURNS ON www.aspenmountainpress.com
FRENCH TWIST www.eternalpress.ca
www.sloanetaylor.com www.myspace.com/sloanetaylor

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