Devon Fals: Sticky Magic (paranormal romance-Adult)

Devon Falls: Sticky Magic
*Part of Babes in Toyland II anthology*
Book 1 in series
Raine Delight
Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 2007

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Jenna never expected to see the one man to make her heart spin and her body clench in repressed desire walk into her Candy Shoppe. With just one look, Marc du Bree captures her elusive heart and takes her on a journey that will either make her his for all time or have her run as fast as she can away from him! Will Jenna be able to accept Marc's secret or will Marc lose the one woman he has been searching for?

Jenna just shook her head in amusement as she wished for just one man to look at her with a passion so consuming it would take her breath away. Sighing at her fanciful thoughts, Jenna stood up to stretch when she heard the bell ring. Looking up, she could not believe what just walked in…tall, dark and sexy as sin! He was absolutely the most striking man she had ever laid eyes on and she felt her mouth go dry as he looked around the gaily-decorated store. Tall, muscular build with jet-black hair that fell to his shoulders in soft waves that made her want to run her fingers through it. He eluded strength and a sheer arrogance that made her pussy sit up and take notice. Jenna could not believe how damp her panties got just watching him walk into the store.

"Welcome to Candy Kisses. Can I help you find anything in particular?" Jenna was glad her voice did not crack under the nervousness of being this close to him. Though she really wanted to say was I got something warm and sweet for you right here but you will have to unwrap it first…yeah right, like she would be able to say that to any man, especially this one who if he keeps eyeing her like a mouth watering desert she may have to jump him right there.

"Hello there," he peered at her nametag, "Jenna. I am looking for a unique gift for my mother. Do you think you can help me pick something out?"

"Sure I can help you. What does your mother like? Maybe we can make up a small gift box with her favorite treats?"

Marc looked down at this small sprite of a woman and felt his body tighten as he recognized the one woman who he has been looking for all these centuries. Disbelief warred inside him as Jenna kept chattering on different displays and gestured to another one filled with candy canes stripped in an array of red, greens, purples and the traditional flavor of peppermint. He never expected to find his mate in this sort of small town and he just gave up looking for her after several centuries of not finding her. If it wasn't his family pressuring him to finally find her and his mother's prophecy, he would never have stepped foot in Devon Falls. Looks as if mum was right again in her prophecy Marc thought as he contemplating trying to make his for all time!

"Jenna, she loves candy canes and anything Christmas related." Smiling a little at the memory of his mother baking tons of cookies for the holiday festivities and enjoying the sweets that came with the holiday season as well as telling him and his siblings to keep out of the cookie dough.

"Well that narrows it down a little." Jenna thought to herself that if he kept talking to her like that, all slow and velvet like, she would cream her panties with a mini orgasm! She could not understand why she felt like she knew this man when she has never seen him before in her life; she would have definitely remembered him in any way, shape or form.

Humming to the softly piped Christmas Music, Jenna forgot her problem with the store window contest and happily got her mind on tall, dark and sinful next to her. Taking a gift box out, she gestured to the case next to her. "Does she have any allergies to anything, like nuts or peanut butter? I want to make sure I do not kill a potential customer here. It is bad for business." Amusement lit her eyes up as she decorated the box with gaily-covered tissue paper and looked up to sees his mesmerizing gray slate eyes on her, contemplating something. Jenna shook her head softly and waited for Marc to make his selections.

"Actually no, she doesn't have allergies to anything so please, why don't you pick some things out and make it look really nice." Marc said as he smiled into her eyes. She looked so damn beautiful, looking up at him with those big brown eyes. He couldn't remember a time when he got this hard this fast before all from watching her work. Marc closed his eyes and imagined running some of the chocolate kisses on her tight aching nipples. Feeling his cock go inexplicably harder, he shifted his legs a little to ease the pressure though it wasn't enough.

Jenna looked up when she caught him shifting a little and noticed a nice size bulge in his dark pants. WOW was all she could think off when she saw that outline of man meat. Just imagining what this man's cock would be like had her pussy weeping its juices down her leg. Swallowing hard, she looked up and prayed her voice came out without cracking. "Is there anything else you think she may like? I added our specialty treats like our flavored rum balls, Christmas cookie shaped candies and chocolate covered caramels. Would there be anything else she might enjoy as well, sir?"

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