Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman

Prophecy of Vithan by Charlene Leatherman / Cerridwen Press
Morgan had the life she dreamed of all her life. Although still a brothel slave, the king and queen treated her like a free woman, and the prince she was training was like a son to her.
Then everything goes to hell. Morgan is forced into a marriage with a man she can not respect or admire. Her prince is missing and the king and queen are killed. Morgan is blamed for the murder. Morgan’s primary concern is to find Prince Khai.
The only thing slowing Morgan down is the prophecy about her saving the galaxy, remaining a virgin, and that damn electric attraction she feels every time Len touches her.

Len had his orders. The ones everyone knew about and the other ones. Marry his soul-mate and consummate the marriage and determine if his new wife was the original Morgan Taj Zephyrain. The first he looked forward to. The second he preferred to ignore.
Morgan is accused of murdering the king and queen. Prince Khai is missing. Obviously, Morgan Taj Zephyrain is the criminal Len is seeking. It is Len’s job to bring the murderer to justice.
Charlene Leatherman, Prophecy of Vithan by Cerridwen Press, Now Available to Buy
Defeating the Villain, Destroying the Monster, Delivering the Hero, and Never breaking a nail.

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