PLAGUED by K. Z. Snow, Ellora's Cave

Like a dash of the historical with your dose of paranormal? K. Z. Snow's Plagued is now available at Ellora's Cave (link below).


Adin Swift's 658-year-old hunger--for blood, sex, and vengeance--has inadvertently led him to Celia Quill, a bright and independent young woman who's on the verge of a major change in her life. Within days of meeting this enticing and enigmatic vampire (and having what she thinks is the most exciting one-night stand of her life), Celia will be moving from her city apartment to a small northern town. But the couple captivate each other...far more than either had expected. So, in a last-minute decision, Adin accompanies Celia to her new home.

What was supposed to be a brief stay results in a life-altering experience. Adin and Celia soon must confront a threat neither had anticipated. Their efforts to comprehend and overcome it take them from her modest farmhouse to a lumber baron’s mansion to a blue-collar tavern complete with a secretive local drunk. Their bond strengthens, and answers come…but the threat only grows.

Desperate, Adin calls his old friend Jackson Spey for help. The quirky modern wizard extends their search to a place where the vampire was both born and birthed and has only revisited in his nightmares—14th century, plague-torn England. Gut-wrenching as it is, this journey into the past may be Adin’s and Celia’s only route to a secure and blissful future.

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