Three at last!

Tradition assures us lovers come in pairs and couples are the definitive relationship. But what if searching for our other half reveals we're meant to love more than one? Explore the possibilities of a trio of lovers with Lisa Andel, T.A. Chase and Bonnie Dee.

Is it possible to sustain a relationship with three? Can a threesome be the ulitmate expresson of love?

"Tia's Leash" - Enter the world of Tia West. Not enough of a werewolf to shift, but loaded with sex appeal. The males in her pack fear accidentally mating her, but can't stop from mounting her. The females just want her dead. What's a woman to do? Stay with her friends and family, and be kept on a leash? Or take a chance on two very different men?

"Two for One" - Jack Samson moves to Sumerset to start over again. He’s looking forward to his new veterinary practice and maybe having some fun once in a while. He certainly isn’t looking to fall for two men. Simon Wittman and Brady Vanderly have been partners for fifteen years. They love each other, but they like to play. When they pick Jack up at a local gay bar, they think they’re just looking for a night or two of fun. They end up finding so much more.

"Awakening" - Melissa silently lusts after her co-worker Michael, but can barely speak to him. When her roommate, Rachel hooks up with this man of her dream, Melissa is at first devastated then abruptly drawn into a threesome. The relationship is an experiment, meant to last one wild, sex-filled weekend, but as the three become tightly entwined, it’s clear that at least two of them don’t want to let it go. Can Melissa re-think her “one woman, one man” attitude and embrace a different kind of connection?

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