Evolving Man Available Now

Evolving Man is available at Samhain today.

“You think men have changed over the centuries? Forget about it! Scratch the surface of any twenty-first century male and you’ll find a cock-wielding caveman underneath.

In this time travel comedy, three roommates discover the truth about men as each becomes involved with a special lover. The friends also learn a little about themselves. Skeptic Chrissy sets her logic aside and allows her libido to run free with a primitive barbarian named Gareth. Scientist Lila experiences the testosterone hidden in her geeky cyber-buddy, Zach. Free-spirited Taylor brings sexuality and fun into the life of John, a repressed businessman from the future.

As they unravel the tangled knot transporting people through time creates, the women all come to realize a man is a man. The beast never changes.”

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